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Earn with Logos!

we launch a partnership program for lawyers

Are you looking for information to protect the client in court?


Aren’t you entirely sure about the outcome of the trial?


Do you feel the lack of practical experience and in-depth knowledge?


You do now how to attract customers, but you don’t have a clue how to keep them? 


Then we have an advantageous offer for you! LOGOS launches a partnership program for lawyers.


Options for cooperation with Logos

there are three ways to cooperate with us, choose yours!


Referral fees

The client immediately passes under our care, and you, as an intermediary, are paid a pre-agreed amount. The typical rate is 10% of our remuneration.

We support you

Our experienced lawyers support you at all stages of the trial and, in case of victory, receive a percentage of your fee. But the responsibility for paying the fee is by you, regardless of whether you received payment from the client or not.

Or you support us

You send us a client and you become a full-fledged member of our team. Together we are guaranteed to win any trial. After winning we pay you a certain percentage from our reward.

Plan of cooperation

with Logos



You send a brief description of the issue by e-mail or contact us by phone



We request documents on the case, assess the prospects and calculate the chances of victory.

Signing of agreement


We conclude with you a contract, implying the allocation of fees.

Payment of fees


We win the case and share the fee with you.

Three reasons

to start to cooperate with Logos right now

Your client doesn’t pay more

after Logos joins to the case


Our work on the case grants the commission for you, even if we lead the case alone. This will not affect the cost of services to the customer, because thanks to you we save on advertising.

Learn more

on the terms of the affiliate program

Are you interested? Contact directly me!

+7 (812) 940-23-01


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