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Types of affiliated companies to register in Russia


Russian companies

When registering a branch of a Russian company, it is necessary to make appropriate changes to the charter of the parent organization. You can file documents with the tax and funds, and after that personal tax reference number and state registration number will be assigned to the branch.


International companies

Registration a foreign company branch requires accreditation and permission to conduct business in the Russian Federation. After that, the documents are submitted to the district tax inspection and all extra-budgetary funds.

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FAQ on affiliated company registration

For how long is the accreditation of a branch of a foreign company issued?

The accreditation of an affiliated company is granted for a period of 1-3 years, a branch of a foreign company – for 1-5 years, which can be extended upon a written application of the management of a foreign legal entity, presented thirty days before the expiry of the accreditation period.

Do I have to pay state duty for registration of international affiliated company?

The state fee for the accreditation of branches of foreign organizations established on the territory of the Russian Federation is 120,000 rubles for each branch.

What's the difference between a representative office and an affiliated company?

A branch is a separate subdivision of a legal entity outside its location and carrying out all its functions including representation.

The representative office is a separate subdivision of a legal entity outside its location, which represents the interests of the legal entity and protects them.

The functions of the branches are broader than those of the representative offices. They can conduct production and economic activities.

How to open a branch of limited liability company?

To register a branch of an LLC (or a joint-stock company), it is required to hold a general meeting of the company’s participants, which decides to establish a branch and amend the company’s charter by a majority (at least 2/3) of the total number of votes of the participants (shareholders), if other is not provided by the charter.

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