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LLC registration in St. Petersburg

service packages


8400 ₽
  • Document preparation
  • Federal Tax Service registration
  • Bank account

All inclusive

19 000 ₽
  • Document preparation
  • Bank account
  • Federal Tax Service registration
  • + Rubber stamp
  • + Legal address selection

Legal address in St. Petersburg

in any district of the city

Virtual address

from 44 800 ₽ per year

will exist only on documents

Verified address

from 60 000 ₽ per year

address that will  pass inspection

Bank account

we’ll open a bank account directly from our office


A bank account is required for the registration of the company. We will prepare the necessary package of documents and send it to the bank chosen by you. You will only have to come to our office to sign papers.

Price calculator

calculate the price of our services beforehand

Special offer

discount on all registration services

In honor of launching a new site and the 20th anniversary of our company, we give you 20% discount. Call us and tell our secretary the code phrase “I’m from a new site” and the cost for real estate services will noticeably decrease.

Get a discount

How we work

we’ll register a firm in 4 simple steps



Our lawyers will help you to formulate the contents of the constituent documents.

documents preparation


We create the package of documents individually, not by template.

state registration


We submit documents only after a multi-step verification, which guarantees 99.9% of the positive result at registration.



Registration is now complete! You can pick up documents at the office or order delivery.

Four reasons

to start working with Logos

CEO appeal

to all the clients of Logos law firm

Client reviews

we are always glad to hear your feedback

"We applied to Logos on the recommendation. Professionally, at a reasonable price, they made changes in the constituent documents. "


Our cooperation is fruitful, legal consultations are literate and complete. Very pleased.

Novikov Eugeny | Topframe

100% great professionalism and qualifications, reasonable. Friendly and considerate specialists.

Smirnov Valentin | NIP Lasernye Technologii

The level of professionalism is excellent.

Filipova Christina | Garant-Service

We need such law firms. The work is done quickly and perfectly.

Pugacheva Natalia | IPSK

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FAQ on LLC registration

Can I register a firm on my own?

From a financial point of view, this option seems to be the most attractive, since it is not necessary to notarize the application of P11001 to notify the Federal Tax Service. But it should be borne in mind that in this case you will need a certain amount of free time, as well as specialized knowledge and skills. It is also necessary to understand that in case of incorrect filling of all necessary documents for registration, the Federal Tax Service will refuse to register your firm and won’t provide you a refund.

How is the authorized capital formed?

The authorized capital can be paid within 4 months from the date of registration of the LLC. It can be done both in cash (10 000 ₽) and in property. To determine the value of the investment property, it is necessary to hire an independent appraiser. The process will take some time and will cost you some money. But otherwise there is no way to do it – the independent evaluation of non-monetary contributions by company participants is prohibited by law.

What about the name of my firm? Are there any regulations?

Here you are limited only by your own imagination and a few simple rules. So, for example, the name should not contain the names of cities and administrative units, and the word “Russia”. Any curse words will also raise questions. In the application P11001 the name is indicated exclusively in Russian. The firm’s charter does not impose such stringent requirements: the name can be indicated both in Russian and in any foreign language.

Is it safe to buy one of those cheap legal addresses?

You may be advised to buy a cheap legal address, but think twice before accepting such offer. The nominal address will become a kind of time bomb, because the tax authorities are constantly carrying out large-scale inspections and you clearly won’t pass any of them.

Contact us

send a message to our registration specialist


Virtual address

Verified address

Real address

from 37000 roubles a year from 59000 roubles a year from 130000 roubles a year
Pros Pros Pros
  • Low price
  • Receiving mail
  • Verification from landlord
  • Receiving mail
  • There's a chance it won't undergo a tax agency inspection
  • Will pas any inspection.
  • A mini-office that you can use for your own purposes
Cons Cons Cons
  • Problems with registration of your firm
  • You 100% won't pass inspection
  • You won't be able to open a bank account
  • There's a chance you won't pass inspection
  • Higher price
Description Description Description
  • You won't pass inspection and will have to pay a fee
  • Landlord may not verify your contract
  • Will be avaliable at any time of day
  • Landlord will verify your contract.


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