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Registration of production cooperative in St. Petersburg

what will you need?



We will need copies of the passports of all co-founders of the cooperative

personal tax reference numbers

We will need personal tax reference numbers of all co-founders of the cooperative

Features of a production cooperative

and how it differs from other legal entities


Personal labor participation

personal labor participation of each member of the cooperative in production activities, which is not required from participants in partnerships and societies

Profit sharing

profit is distributed between the participants of the cooperative not by the size of the share, but by the degree of labor participation of each of them

Equality in voting

each member has only one vote, regardless of the size of the unit, in contrast to the joint-stock company and partnerships

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FAQ on production cooperative registration

Can self-employed entrepreneur act as founder of a production cooperative?

Ordinary citizens can become participants in the production cooperative.

Is there an employment contract with cooperative participants?

The duty of personal labor participation in the work of a production cooperative arises from the very fact of membership in it.

What is the minimum number of participants in a production cooperative?

Minimum is 5 and maximum is non limited.

Who's the head of production cooperative?

The highest management body in the production cooperative is the general meeting of its members, which solves the most important issues of the cooperative’s activity, including electing the permanent executive bodies of the cooperative-the board and / or the chairman of the cooperative.

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