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Issues related to the ownership of the land plot, its location, boundaries and methods of use are the most typical subjects of land disputes in court. Also, the court disputes decisions of public authorities regarding land plots, their value and the size of land tax.

Land disputes

Main difficulties

while dealing with land disputes in court

Complexity of the legislation

judicial practice on land law issues is quite contradictory, and only experienced lawyers can deal with it well

Long duration

demarcation, delineation or division of the land lot, being held by your own, will take a long time because of the high complexity of these processes

Difficulty of predicting

forensic examinations on land plots are expensive, while their preliminary results can not be foreseen

Disputes with state bodies

trials on land disputes are not easy, because judges are inclined to side with state bodies

Six steps to victory in court

how we deal with every case



We carry out a detailed legal analysis of documents FOR FREE, sound options for solving the problem, timing and costs.



We agree on mutually beneficial terms, stipulate the terms of payment for the services of our lawyers, draw up and sign a detailed contract.


We pay great attention to the development of the entire situation, at this stage we try to work out all the nuances, subtleties, problems and risks; Analyze all possible ways to solve the problem and choose the best path. The fate of the client often depends on this.


We protect the client’s interests in the court of the FIRST INSTANCE. Including: we present explanations, evidence, defend our legal position, if necessary we participate in expert examinations, arguments of the parties. If necessary, taking into account the objections of opponents, we correct our right position. In the final analysis, we seek a court decision in favor of our client.


We defend the interests of the client in the courts of the second and third instance. The presence of the second and third instance protects the parties from the majority of failures and mistakes in the work of the judicial system: all cases are at least twice reviewed by highly professional judges. However, this does not simplify the work of lawyers – highly professional judges require professional representatives of the parties to their work. Errors can be very expensive for the customer.



We achieve actual execution of the court decision and compensation for expenses incurred by the client. We know how to work professionally with the bailiff service. If the result is not achieved, we initiate a bankruptcy procedure and bring to justice the debtor’s head.



The cost of doing business in each case is individual and depends on many factors – the complexity of the case, the amount of recovery, the work of lawyers. On average, the cost of security services in court is 10% of the amount of the claim.

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"We applied to Logos on the recommendation. Professionally, at a reasonable price, they made changes in the constituent documents. "


Our cooperation is fruitful, legal consultations are literate and complete. Very pleased.

Novikov Eugeny | Topframe

100% great professionalism and qualifications, reasonable. Friendly and considerate specialists.

Smirnov Valentin | NIP Lasernye Technologii

The level of professionalism is excellent.

Filipova Christina | Garant-Service

We need such law firms. The work is done quickly and perfectly.

Pugacheva Natalia | IPSK

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Legal defense




Common risks

According to statistics, 80% of law firms in Russia have no more than three lawyers in the state. And this means that the majority of "legal consultations" are conducted with deliberate misleading of the client, because one lawyer rarely specializes in more than two fields of law. Also, the consultation is often "abandoned" by yesterday's students and lawyers without any practical experience in protecting the client in court.

In Logos

More than 10 people working in our forensic and consulting department specializing in various branches, sub-sectors and legal institutes (civil, tax, administrative, bankruptcy procedure, arbitration and civil procedure) work. Already on the consultation you will receive a qualified preliminary assessment of the prospects of your case. And you can be sure - our assessment is correct.


Signing a contract

Common risks

A contract is signed, which does not include all options for the development of events, certain aspects remain at the level of oral agreements as "self-evident". "Gray" payment schemes are often offered. Using the services of such a "lawyer", you are seriously at risk of spending your nerves and time - and at the same time paying for a negative result (or in general the absence of any result).

In Logos

First of all, we are interested in a stable and permanent relationship with the client, and this is possible only by gaining his trust. Therefore, the contract developed by us is designed for a fair settlement of relations in any possible situation. Also, our client always receives an official document about the funds paid to us and can use it to recover court costs


Development of legal postition

Common risks

In complex cases, the development of a legal position requires not only high qualification of a lawyer, but also significant labor and time costs, because it is necessary to study and analyze a large number of case materials. Therefore, serious processes often turn out to be simply "out of the box" for small or young law firms.

In Logos

In our firm, careful development of the legal position in any more or less complicated case is imperative, which not only allows a thorough study and analysis of a large number of case materials, but also to find original solutions that do not lie on the surface for the development of a victorious legal position.


Trial court

Common risks

Trying to save and trust your defense in court to a law firm of two or three lawyers, or even a solitary lawyer, you risk that your defender will not be able to physically carry out the whole set of necessary procedures, and his arguments will not make a proper impression on the judge. As a result, even with a responsible attitude to your lawyer's case, the case can be seriously delayed, and the desired result will not be achieved.

In Logos

Protection in court is traditionally assigned to us by at least two lawyers, one of whom is a lawyer-expert in the field of law to which your case relates. This gives us the opportunity to carefully prepare and conduct the entire set of necessary procedures, provide an evidence base for the judge to make the decision you need.


Appeal and reversal

Common risks

Protection in the courts of the second and third instance - this is already "aerobatics" in the Russian jurisprudence. To entrust your protection to a law firm with insufficient experience of conducting (and winning) such cases means consciously reducing your chances to a minimum.

In Logos

Twenty-year experience and a team of lawyers, whose total length of service is more than 150 years, allows us to achieve victory in all judicial instances when considering cases of any complexity.


Execution of a judgment

Copmmon risks

Many companies (lawyers), using the inexperience of the client in the proceedings, make the contract in such a way that they are liable to the client only for the decision made by the court. Those. are in no way responsible for the implementation of this decision, which may be for you in fact equivalent to the lost process.

In Logos

Our goal is not only to win in court, but also to get actual results for our client. This is our reputation, on which our profit is built. Therefore, we always go to the end, seeking full compliance with the obligations assumed.