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Advantages of Logos while defenfing in court

Specialization: Lawyers who will work on your case are experts in solution of such issues



Narrow specialization is our great advantage. We assign your case to those lawyers who are experts in particular branch of the law. They have wide experience of work in this area and constantly monitor court practice and changes in legislation.


Innovative approach of Logos is teamwork: several lawyers specializing in such issues as yours work together on your case. They know all possible difficulties and nuances in advance, which allows them to decide on the best strategy in court.

Get to know our lawyers who will represent you in court!

20 years of experience


We are often asked: “Have you ever worked on cases similar to mine?” Over 20 years of we were successfully working virtually with all the issues in enforcement practices. We have developed a wide expertise in different branches of the law dealing with litigation and arbitration, and represented thousands of clients, both individuals and entities. Our lawyers have won several thousand trials in courts of different levels in Saint Petersburg and the rest of Russia.

We've been in practice since 1998

150 years — total length of our leading lawyers service

90% of trials end up by our victory!

20 years of experience: We have a great experience of solving problems like yours

Reasonable prices: Average market prices are due to high professionalism of Logos lawyers

Reasonable prices


In the pursuit of clients (to be more precise, of their money) many law firms intentionally offer lower prices. Frequently they do not include hidden costs. And after signing papers unsuspecting clients find out that they have to pay for extra costs.


Our job is not not just to get clients. Our job is to solve their issues in the best way and as fast as possible! That’s why our longstanding policy is average market prices. It lets our lawyers keep on their excellent performance and achieve their goals!

Want to find out more? Read our clients reviews!

Complete transparency


Before starting cooperation we’ll necessarily invite you to sign a contract for services. It will list all the services we are to provide for your case, and their precise prices. All expenses are in full view!


In Logos you always know the cost of lawyers services in advance! When paying, you won’t face such things as hidden costs or unnecessary extra options.


Besides, regardless of form of payment, you will get a full set of official payment documents needed for recovering court costs.

Complete transparency: We sign a contract which clearly lists all the payments

Will to succeed: Pay-for-performance: You pay only after we win your case in court

Will to succeed!


Policy of Logos lawyers is pay-for-performance. Client pays the bulk of the fee only after a positive outcome of his case in court!

You don't risk your money

The bulk of the fee is paid only after we win in court. And Logos lawyers win 90% of all cases!

You are absolutely certain that we'll do everything to win

After all, if we lose, we won't receive money and won't be able to compensate our expenses for your case

Dual supervision


Our priority is to solve your issue!


Our lawyers are always in touch and they timely inform the client about the progress of the case. In turn, the client can contact us at any time by phone or in person, without worrying that his lawyer is sick or on vacation. Thanks to the our team effort, the work on every case never stops.

Contact CEO of Logos directly!

CEO of Logos Lawyers Andrey Osman personally and daily controls the progress of every case and bears full responsibility for actions of employees!

Dual supervision: Every case is supervised by both client and personally CEO of Logos

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