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Land transactions coordination

Common problems

while buying or selling land without a lawyer

Unfair seller

The seller often hides all the essential details and limitations of the use of the site. For example, that the land was obtained by self-seizure or is currently under arrest. There is a risk of multiple sale of the same land.

Mistakes in the documents

Most often, buyers are confronted with cases of discrepancies in information about the land, its description and dimensions with the data in government departments (for example, it was incorrectly measured by the land surveyor, or once the neighbors exchanged plots).

Inattention of the buyer

You can conscientiously go through the whole procedure of buying, investing your money and, as a result, get a document on registering the ownership of another site.


Legal coordination

of property transaction

Background check


We conduct a review of the legal cleanliness of the apartment and the examination of all documents. We are convinced of the absence of any encumbrances on housing and violations of the rights of minors.

transaction coordination


We compose a detailed algorithm of actions and prepare a contract on the basis of the information collected earlier and documents.

transference of money


We choose the most suitable way of payment: with the help a commercial depository, a notary deposit or through a safety deposit box. We will pay special attention to the terms of receiving money by the seller.

Registration coordination


Before submitting, we will check the correctness of the completion of all documents in order to exclude the risk of denial of registration. We will monitor the readiness of documents in Rosreestr. We will be convinced in advance of the absence of the suspension of the transaction.

handling the keys


We will check the absence of debts for utilities. Make sure that all persons are discharged from the apartment. Prepare the act of acceptance and transfer of real estate. It is important that the buyer received the keys to the apartment on time, and the seller took the money from the cell.

tax optimization


When buying or selling an apartment you need to take into account the tax consequences of the transaction. Our tax lawyers will help you to understand this and one of the legitimate ways to reduce the amount of taxes.

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